Sunday, January 5, 2014

Build A Better Gingerbread House. Do The Ingredients Matter?

We've mentioned a few times that the fine line between durability and edibility is a constant issue we are facing. In the past, this has primarily been an issue for pieces we needed to hold up for an upcoming competition, but now as we're moving forward into other ventures, we find ourselves 're-evaluating the ingredients we use, the recipes we use, the cost of what we're using and the cost-versus-effectiveness of each ingredient.

Flour, for example, regular all purpose flour is cheapest. Financially, it's the best purchase. But bread flour has more protein. Protein (gluten) makes for a more stable, stronger gingerbread. So we find ourselves looking at two different possible outcomes based on which flour we invest in.

Then we come to molasses. Which type, which brand, aren't they all the same? No, they are not. Certain brands are sweeter, certain brands have a more intense molasses flavor, but are terribly bitter without extra sugar added. Extra sugar compromises the structural integrity of the gingerbread. Some brands aren't sold in bulk! And do we even want to use molasses at all when something like honey is more resistant to humidity, and honey is more traditional to begin with?

Love and Olive Oil has a GREAT post explaining more the details of Molasses.  We suggest you head over there and check that out!

In the weeks and months to come we're going to have to try a lot of different options, and a lot of different combinations, revisit old recipes, revamp new ones, build, construct, and wait and wait and wait.

We want to give our customers the best possible product we can. We want them to be charming and delicious. We want to be a part of your children's holiday memories and traditions. Stay tuned, good things are on the way!