Sunday, December 29, 2013

Gingerbuilders and Friends

Everywhere we go with our pieces, someone asks, "Do you sell those?" or "I wish someone would teach me how to build a gingerbread house."

Our friends, naturally, asked too.

Below are some photos of early instruction when we collaborated to build 1 house in an all-day start-to-finish venture that is messy and fun.

I first worked with my friend's daughter.  We made a suburban split level.

She was so nervous it would fall!  But our creation was a success under Gingerbuilder guidance.  I love the roof and fence!

Next, I created with a coworker. She wanted SNOW.  LOTS OF SNOW.  I don't know why we even bothered putting cereal on the roof. :-)

This one was so scary to deliver to her house.  It weighed a ton and we thought it would break!  But it held together; so much so that her family couldn't break it after the holidays with just their fists!

 Lots of creative candy-work in this house.  Check out the cute mailbox!

Gingerbread building is also a time-honored family tradition.  So I introduced it to my family too.  My niece, sister-in-law, and mother built this festive chalet.

Check out the mess on the table.  Gingerbread building can get very messy.

 I love the red and green theme going on here.

and that snowman just cracks me up.  Too cute!

Building a house can take several days or weeks if you go at it alone.  We find it's so much more fun (and time efficient) to work with friends and family.  It makes the time fly and makes your holidays memorable.

Gingerbuilders is currently working on a 2-3 hour Party Plan that offers each guest the chance to decorate a personal house and learn about the process without the mess and fuss of going at it all on your own.  Please contact us if you have ideas!

For better specifics on how to build a gingerbread house, please check out our other blog posts.

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