Monday, December 16, 2013

Gingerbread Mecca--2013 Grove Park Inn National Gingerbread Competition

I had the pleasure of journeying to Asheville, NC this past weekend to visit the Biltmore at Christmas, sample some wines, and go to the Omni Grove Park Inn to see the displays from the National Gingerbread Competition.


The resort itself is breathtaking!  Go to the website to see pictures.  My little camera phone does not do it justice.

rear view:

Then, the talent and craft of ALL the gingerbread entries was amazing.

Should you go to see the entrants (which I HIGHLY recommend you do) as of 2013, here's what you need to know:
1. For the comfort of guests at the resort, houses are only open to the public Sunday-Thursday.  You pay $10 to park, and may enter the resort on these days.  (This is new!  I used to just be open Monday-Thursday.)
2.  Houses are on display on the 7th floor and lobby levels.  (Go to the 7th floor and follow the signs.)
3.  Houses are also on display at the Grove Arcade--an indoor mall in downtown Asheville.  If you love gingerbread like we do, you'll want to see as many houses as you can, so I would head over there too.

The 2013 judging year was the closest the judges have seen.  Houses that made it to the top ten were within tenths of points of each other.  All of the houses were made with such care and detail that I do not envy the position of a judge who has to rank them.  Here are some of my favorites: (I tried to include the names of the creator to give credit to where it is due. Not all of these are top 10.)

Griswold Christmas.  Love the camper!  

 Sue Coppley: Mall Santa

Even the piano keys are correct!

I love love love this!  Books in the shelves, wallpaper, so amazing!

Teen entry: The Island of Misfit Toys

 Should Have Taken the Sleigh!

I love me a good pun.  This was just too cute!

There was so much to see here!  Gorgeous!

Linda Carney is so talented.

Who doesn't appreciate this?!

I loved so many more, but don't want to make this post miles long.

The grand prize winner is was on tour in NY, so we saw a picture only.  Congratulations to all who entered!  Your work is amazing!

I already have ideas for when (yes--WHEN) The Gingerbuilders enter. :-)  Maybe 2015?