Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gingerbread Research

I wanted to enter gingerbread competitions, I wanted to improve my craft, I wanted to be inspired!

I checked out many gingerbread books from the library.  I found these books to be amazingly helpful with tips and easy-to-use patterns!  I thought I would share the resources with you!

Building with different patterns gave me baking practice and allowed me to see how different structures fit together.  This experience is REALLY helpful when it comes to designing my own gingerbread patterns.  2-story patterns, complex roofs, etc.  I also have a friend who is an architect and all around crafty guy.  You better believe I'll be bringing him in on some projects!

I highly recommend the Teresa Layman books:

Gingerbread Things to Make and Bake


Gingerbread for All Seasons

I found that these books are full of great ideas and easy for beginners to moderates to understand.  Not to mention the resource of patterns!

Other resources you may want to explore:

It appears we are not the only lovers of gingerbread!