Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Month of Holidays Crammed into one House

It may not be cohesive in appearance, but it is thematic and educational!

Our February House of 2010 gave us the opportunity to work again as a team, refine our strengths, try out new techniques, and drink more wine.  (of course)

Melting chocolate around marzipan and using a toothpick to make grooves gave us this awesome realistic looking tree stump.

Megan's molding handiwork and more chocolate and marzipan (yum!) gave us an adorable groundhog to sit near the stump to represent Groundhog's Day!

We made an outhouse, really, because I think we just wanted to use pretzels to build something.

More importantly, and to the February House theme, we made a Valentine's Day Tree (chocolate wrapped around a pretzel) and house, an MLK Bvld street sign, and a marzipan bust of the presidents.  I'm really quite proud of that bust (and I like saying bust).  Unfortunately, it's mostly covered by the roof of the house.  Take my word on how cool it looked.

We figured a little dusting of coconut snow was absolutely appropriate for February.  We may have used more, but Megan hates coconut.  :-)

As of 2013, we use a lot of brown food coloring for writing and shading.  Looking back, I like our use of chocolate.  It may be time to revive that method.

When you look at the background of our house photo, do you notice a familiar item?  It's our customary background decor.