Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Graduating with a Certificate in Pretty Things

Megan mentioned the Wilton decorating classes we were taking in this post.

Our final class was a time to use what we'd learned to decorate a cake.  Unfortunately, Megan couldn't attend this last class, but she still learned all of the techniques through the previous classes.

Erin and I celebrated our graduation after class.  The part of Megan was played by Ketchup...

Here's the cake I made for a friend:

The Wilton Classes have given Gingerbuilders time to refine our molding, fondant, and gumpaste skills.  We practiced playing with our food so that we would be better designers and decorators in our business.

I have reviewed icing skills, learned some real fun royal icing flowers, learned to work with butter cream icing, (the fat in it is usually an enemy in the gingerbread world) and bake regular cakes (that I don't usually
make because I don't like cake.  I know.  I'm CRAZY.)

I have gotten better at mixing, squeezing, dollop-ing, shaping--you name it!

I love edible art!

Gingerbread Houses are being designed for year-round sales.  Cookies and treats to follow.

Meanwhile, if you want to use Gingerbuilders' mad skills to create a cake for your special occasion, please contact us.

I am currently working on another baby bump cake for a shower.  An anniversary cake, birthday cake, and bridal shower cake are on the calendar.  I also make yummy cupcakes.

Our fun and passion goes into all of our baked creations.

Please follow us and check back often to see what else we are cooking up!